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What is Wireless?

The wireless is also called as WLAN. It stands for Wireless Local Area Network. Basically, it is a network of two or more devices without any wire and for communication, it uses the high-frequency radio waves. The network has an access point to the internet and in this type of network, the communication remains limited for coverage area like homes, schools and offices. This is on IEEE 802.11 standard common people called it Wi-Fi. This type of network is used in commercial setups and it is easy to install and use. This is a choice of thesis in wireless communication. We offer complete dissertation thesis help service on wireless communication topic. If you need assistance you can approach the team.

The WLAN has two main components:

  • The Access Point
  • The Client

Different Types of Wireless LAN

Based on the mode of operation, there are two types of LAN present:

  • Ad-hoc mode and Infrastructure mode

In the infrastructure mode, two devices talk to each other through an access point. On the other hand, in the ad-hoc mode, two devices communicate directly. The base station act as the access point hub (APH) and all the nodes get connected to each other through the same hub. In ad hoc, two nodes use peer to peer communication method.

WLAN and Its Application

Because of wireless, this technology is now in use in many places. You can find the wireless technology in places like:

  • Healthcare – Using the wireless communication doctors are able to access patient’s data with speed. In the case of emergency, WLAN is used to talk to other doctors, or doctors sitting at two different locations
  • Day To Day Business – The technology is used in schools, offices and colleges according to the requirements. It is used for personal use in offices, home and colleges.

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