Most of the researchers begin this task with the same question. Getting started with the thesis can be overwhelming but not anymore. We have put together the list of important guidelines suggested by the experts to help you craft a perfect thesis. Read more for detailed information. Moreover, you can also take thesis writing help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

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Expert Guidelines to Write a Perfect Thesis

Purpose and Significance: In the first section of the thesis, you have to be very clear with the purpose and significance of your research. The students have to explain how their research work is contributing to the body of discipline they are writing about. The thesis is incomplete without its clearly defined purpose. Therefore, make sure that it looks perfect.

Review of the literature: The purpose of the research must suggest the theoretical framework. Before beginning it you must conduct the literature review to acquire a thorough understanding of academic work. The literary review is not just about summarizing the whole work but you have to create a coherent structure that clearly justifies your research. It includes:

  • Collecting sources for information and choosing the most relevant out of them
  • Evaluating and critically analyzing the information available in the sources
  • Making connections between the points

The literary reviews describe and analyze the key concepts, theories, and models that structure the research. This is the section of the thesis that can provide answers to descriptive research questions. It also justifies a relationship between variables and concepts.

Methodology: This is the section that describes and justifies data that you have collected from the research. It outlines the whole structure and allows the readers to access the information they need. You can take a thesis paper to help to write the best methodology. It generally includes:

  • The complete approach and research type of thesis. It would be experimental, ethnographic, quantitative, qualitative, etc.
  • The methods used for data collection such as books, interviews, surveys, archives
  • Details of where, when, and with whom the research took place
  • The method used for the analysis of data whether it was statistical analysis, discourse analysis, or something else
  • List of Tools and materials used for research such as computer programs and lab equipment
  • Details about the obstacles that occurred while conducting the research and what methods were used to overcome them
  • An evaluation of the methods

The methodology accurately reports what you have done for the thesis. It also convinces the reader that your approach was best for answering the research questions and objectives.

Results & Discussion: This is the part where you have to report the results you have obtained from the research. It is best to structure this portion with sub-questions, topics, or hypotheses. The result reports are highly relevant for defining objectives and research questions. To enhance its quality you can include tables, charts, and graphs in it. Following the results, you have to discuss the things. Here you have to interpret the details of the results, whether they met your expectations.


This is the final section of the thesis. Here you have to answer the main research question concisely. The concluding statement should leave readers with a clear understanding of your thesis and research. If you are not good at writing conclusions then you can hire writing services from BookMyEssay.

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