Dissertation writing is indeed one of the challenging things in a researcher’s life. You will realize that actual research is not as tough as converting it into a formal written document (dissertation). This is why a lot of individuals take the support of professional dissertation writers like BooKMyEssay.

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Through this article, we have unlocked some secrets to write finest dissertation.

Research from Right Places

Doing the research for your dissertation is an art in itself. You can’t rely on Wikipedia for your research. This portal is suitable for understanding any basic concept for your research. You can also use the articles of this portal to reach the relevant sources, as references are mentioned in the footer. You can use Google Scholar for the research purpose, as it can take you to the trustworthy sources. For research purpose, librarians can also help you for your custom writing service a lot. Don’t forget to consult your mentor throughout the research process.

Organize your Resources Properly

A lot of students underestimate the role of organizing the notes. They end up getting confused, and there research process itself extends infinitely. If you don’t know the location of a specific publication, you may face difficulties while proving a particular argument. A wise idea is to use tools like Ever note on your Smartphone. There are some online tools like Penzu or Efficient Notes to help you in this process. Use these tools mention the sources you are planning to use and to write down notes related to your impressions.

Have a Detailed Outline

No doubt the research proposal acts an outline for preparing the dissertation but you can elaborate the outline to ease up the dissertation preparation process. The basic outline includes:

  • Introduction – it includes statement of the issue and a background of the problem.
  • Literature review – Include the acknowledgements and review the research process.
  • Methodology – This portion includes setting, data collection and analysis process. If the dissertation is qualitative, research questions & hypothesis are included in this portion.
  • Findings – This crucial chapter covers results generated during the research that allow you to answer the research question.
  • Conclusion – In this chapter, the results are concisely reported, along with the summary of the dissertation. It is crucial to discuss how the result of your research will impact the academic community and also if there are its practical applications.
  • Bibliography – The sources utilized throughout the research are included in this part.

Edit and Proofread

More often than not, the terms editing and proofreading are used as synonyms. Editing is actually making sure that every argument is making sense and if there are logical connections between these arguments. If you find that there is some lack of clarity at a particular point, try to modify it to make it as clear as possible.

Talking about the proofreading, make sure there are no errors related to grammar, spellings, punctuation, and style. Have a thesaurus and dictionary with you during this process to make sure every word is used in a correct manner.

Take the support of a Professional

This is a trump card that only a few researchers/students use while preparing the dissertation. While some take the support of professionals for editing or proofreading, others use them for writing the whole dissertation. BooKMyEssay is one such reputable professional dissertation writing help provider that has hired myriad of professionals for this process. Contact the company for all your dissertation needs related to history, management, science, technology, finance, etc.