Operation Management is a management act which aims at the organization of operations in a business concern so that by investing minimum resources they will get maximum benefits. The operation management starts from the planning of operations. It is the selection of the right procedure and technology for the production of goods and services. After that the search for right workforce starts. The right people who are suitable for the job are selected. These may be skilled or unskilled. Both need training which is provided by the concerned department. When the work is started, the operations management department becomes a bridge between the top management and the workforce.

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Operations management is an important part of business management program. This is a vital part of business administration courses. Every manufacturing unit has operations management department for controlling and managing the operations. So a student of MBA who has specialized in Operations management can have two great options in his career. One, he or she can become a successful independent businessman or businesswoman or two, he or she can become a successful operations manager in an organization of good repute.

Principles of Operations Management:

Various principles are laid for establishing operations management as a separate discipline. These principles can be summarized as follows:

  • Procurement of raw materials.
  • Designing of production or manufacturing process.
  • Maintaining the control of production.
  • Analyzing the process of production or manufacturing.
  • Analyzing the production and productivity.
  • Selection of the best cost control programs.
  • Communicating the summary of the operations to the management for future decision making.

An operations manager applies the latest technology to make the operation in a manufacturing unit faster. So he or she has to update themselves about the latest technological advances going on in the world. Investment in the latest technologies is a one-time investment but it reaps a rich harvest of benefits in future. During the course of operations management, students are taught about the traditional as well as the modern approach to the operations management. Not only are the basics explained, but the latest trends prevalent in the market are also exposed to them. The operations management writing assignment help are based on the above concepts so they should be of high quality which satisfies the supervisors.

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