Criminology is the study of crime and everything related to it. As new laws enforced criminology takes interest or the appropriate authority may want assistance from criminologists to make a new law. It is also the study of criminals and criminal psychology. Many students study this subject and go for higher studies. Again, in many other course curriculums, like in sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc., where criminology may be a part. So, understanding the subject well and writing assignments on any topic, if given, is important. An expert guidance from BookMyEssay Criminology assignment help service may be used anytime for a better understanding of the subject, for completing the assignments on time, and above all for achieving high grades in the examination


What is Criminology?

Criminology is a division of sociology. It is quite old in comparison to other social science subjects. Criminology mainly focuses on the following aspects:

  •  Frequency of crime
  •  Places where it happens more
  •  Different types of crime
  •  Social, individual, and government’s reaction to different crimes
  •  Social consequences of crime


Criminologists take into account different modes of crimes, why criminals are formed in a society, what is the economic and social background of criminals, and all other aspects as stated above.

Different Schools of Thoughts

The purpose of criminology is to regulate and determine the root causes of criminal behavior and to advance the effective and humane means of averting it. This has created quite a few schools of thought within the stream, each of which looks at different factors involved in deviant behavior and each coming to diverse conclusions about how to approach the issues in the most authentic way and come to a conclusion. There are three primary schools of thought existing and widely used today in Criminology:

Classical school – This school of thought on Criminology was proposed by the Italian attorney Beccafico. The theory is based on the following four ideas:

● People are free to make choices and act in their own accord.
● People by nature is pleasure loving. They will naturally calculate the cost of something and compare it with the benefit it will provide.
● Crime can be reduced by proper punishment and exemplifying the consequences of the crime.
● The promptness and certainty of the punishment can decrease the crime rate.

Positivist school – According to the Positivist School, there are other factors responsible for the criminal nature of people besides what is suggested by classical school. Positivist school supposes that there are certain internal and external factors beyond the control of general people. This includes social, biological, psychological, and environmental causes.

Chicago school – It was first developed during the 1920’s in the University of Chicago by the researchers in the Sociology department. They proposed the idea that human behavior was determined by social structure. It also takes into account psychological and environmental factors in looking for the causes of criminal behavior.

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