Seeking good grades in class is the desire that every student have, and they work for it with complete dedication, still when the final result comes, it varies greatly. Some are able to make really good in the examination, while some find it hard it score even good. So, the question comes here, if all students have put almost same amount of effort in reading, how does the result vary?


The answer to this question is, scoring good grades in class does not depend on how long you study, but it depends how good you studies. And at the same time how you did your homework. Believe us; homework given in the classroom has a big role to play to decide on the grade scored by students. And thus it is vital for a student to concentrate on homework.

Inculcate These 7 Homework Habits to Have the Best Report Card

Make A Dedicated Place To Do The Homework – Sitting in the living room in-front of TV is certainly not the ideal way doing homework, instead, homework doing should be free from all kinds of distractions even, the mobile phones and it should remain well lit.

Chose Convenient Time To Do Homework – Every child has different comfort time, to do homework. Some find it interesting to finish it just after coming from school, while others find doing homework good during afternoon, and some even feel comfortable after their play hours. Thus, allow children to pick their comfort time and make them sit to do it same time on the daily basis.

Let The Child Decide Their Comfort Time – Do not impose your convenient time on your child to do the home, it is not at all a good habit, instead let them pick their own. It will help them in having a better concentration.

Observe The Habit Of Child – There are many factors exist which being a parent you should check with your child such as, whether your child is taking the homework harder than actually it is! Is he taking help of some family member to do it, if the child in interrupted by television or phones. All these things will help you to create a better homework environment for your child at home.

Do Not Do Homework On Child’s Behalf – Homework play an important role in making a child understand the subject better. Therefore, among the 7 homework habits to have the best report card, letting the child to do their homework on their own is one of them. This helps them to understand the topic well. However, if they require any homework help, you should offer your support to them.

Give Feedback – Feedbacks of parent really matters a lot to a child and a positive feedback make them confident. Therefore, share your feedback with them always; after analyzing their homework and try to give positive feedback.

Remain In Touch With Teacher Of Child – Talk to teachers of your child and discuss everything with them about your child’s attitude toward the homework, if he take it too easy, or if he is finding too difficult, let the teacher know, as she can adjust the assignments according child’s ability.

Thus, inculcate these 7 homework habits to have the best report card in your child.

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