Students of operation management need to focus more on practical knowledge because operation management is the considered as the pillar of any business. If you want to make your career in operation management then keep updated about the market demands, production methods, and many more practical skills to apply in real projects.  In operation management, there are many key factors to choose an appropriate production method for a given situation. It has been observed producing the right goods in right qualities is necessary and all factors included in production method available for the different situation. Choose the production method in Operations Management according to business need. However, operations management assignment writing help can work here amazingly, and it can be found from BookMyEssay. Here are four main methods of production are as follows:

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Job Production: individual customer has individual needs in business. Function manufacturers of items such as made-to-measure suits would also use job manufacture because each item they make is dissimilar

Batch Production: Batch production is used to meet group orders come in demand. For example, a set of machines could be set up to make 500 size 12 wears and then due to high demand adjusted to make 600 size 12 wears.  So to complete the demand Two batches have been made here.

Mass Production: mass produce every day identical mean same items such as soap powder and food products etc. Markets of scale lead to lower unit costs and prices of the product. These type of production has to do on large scale.

Cell Production: Cell production is a form of flow production as you could say, then instead of each worker performing a single task, the production line is split into several self-contained and mini-production units which known as the cell production.

Now it is depending upon the business need which kind of production method in Operations Management want to opt. there are some factors which will influence whether a trade adopts one of the four methods explained earlier:

Size of the Market: size of the market is one major factor to consider, according to the market you could make your place in trade with right production method, even if you have all another factor positive but the size of the market is low then you need to focus on quantity of products.

Amount of Investment Available: Your investment is necessary to consider and analyze.  In addition, after analysis, if your investment availability is low then you could search for more investors or take decision according to available investment.

Availability of Other Resources: resources are also very important; business could not run on low resources then the level of requirement and other factors can’t help business in this case.

Market Demand for Products:  consumer requirement is also necessary to consider.

And these are the Recommend and justify an appropriate production method for a given situation and help to make the right decision.

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