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What is an Operating System?

Operating System can be of different types. Along with the development in technology and the variety of computers that are being formed, the operating system has since been modified or reorganized in a way that is an equivalence with the latest trends in technology. The latest Operating system is formed in accordance with the other applications and software that are highly developed and are according to the requirements of the users around the world. With time people are getting used by themselves to the newer operating systems and the outcome of technology in their lives.

This is generally installed on new computers or similar devices. According to the build of the computer and the technicalities involved, one has the freedom to select the operating system to be installed in the computer device. Operating systems are available in stores that contract with computer peripherals. Buying an original version of the operating system is always amazing one should keep in mind, as there are the probability of the computer getting damaged when there is a utilization of a pirated version of the operating system.

Here is an Overview of Different Types of Operating Systems.

  • Real-time OS: This is a multitasking OS, which objectives to execute the real-time applications and the most important object of real-time OS is knowable and quick response of events.
  • Single-user and Multi-user OS: This type of Computer operating system allows multiple users to access a computer simultaneously. This can be categorized as time sharing systems and allow multiple users to access a computer via time sharing.
  • Single-tasking and multi-tasking operating system
  • Distributed Operating System: This manages a group of an independent computer system or build them appear in single computer is called as a distributed system.
  • Embedded System

Here are the Latest trends in Operating System which are:

Android Operating System

This is not a distinct kind of OS, this is important in the list of operating system types. This is used to control the mobile phones and wireless communication device.

Windows Operating System

This is a Microsoft product, and foremost operating system to work with NT kernel. The OS is programmed in assemble language, C, C++ and graphical user interface is more user-friendly. Vista is also developed by Microsoft Corporation. This came after the invention of XP. The main objective of this OS is to provide the security and more graphics. Windows 7 comes with highly developed features and released by Microsoft family. The main goal of the development of this version, is to increase the compatibility with its previous versions and provide high performance.

Mac Operating System

This is a Unix-based OS which is developed by Apple. Mac Operating System Lion is the latest version of it. The Apple computers work only with Mac OS X operating system.

Ubuntu Operating System

This is a free operating system software and Debian project, which is based on Linux/GNU. This is an open-source program and used by 12 million people around the world. The OS offers free software packages. In this, the instruction set can be 32 or 64 bits.

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