Tourism and Hospitality Management has become the hottest topic for study nowadays. Thousands of students join tourism and hospitality courses every year and are recruited in the best hospitality placements. It has become a major economic factor in the development of certain countries of the third world. Some of these countries were once so poor that they didn’t even have basic amenities. But thanks to the tourism industry, they have become major economies of the world today.


The need for traveling to different places has now become a necessity instead of a luxury. In such hectic schedule, a person needs comfort like his or her home. This need is fulfilled by the hospitality industry. This need is increasing day by day and so is the demand for human resources who can understand how this need can be best fulfilled. Many new types of related fields of hospitality have emerged in recent times which need manpower like ecotourism, medical tourism, dark tourism etc.

Making a tourism and hospitality assignment is not an easy task. It needs an in-depth knowledge of travel and tourism along with the needs of the hospitality sector.

These assignments include various topics like:

  • Studying the type of accommodation, its capacity, star rating and the brand power.
  • Studying the customer feedback in which all types of visitors and customers are included. Moreover, the expectations and the satisfaction level of the customers is also studied.
  • To study the criteria those are applicable while choosing the type of accommodation by the tourists. It is helpful in developing strategies accordingly.
  • To study the cross-cultural relationships prevalent among different countries. To understand the impact of these cultural aspects on decision making of customers in choosing the accommodation in that country.
  • To compare the tourism and hospitality industry of developed and developing countries. This helps to establish the standards to be adopted in the developing countries to boost their tourism and hospitality industry.
  • To study the role of travel agencies in the travel and tourism industry and their impact on these agencies on the growth and development of tourism sector.

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