Recently, search engine giant Google launched an initiative to support the Americans get jobs in technology. As a part of this initiative, Google will donate one billion dollars to non-profits that are associated with education and professional training. This amount will be donated to the concerned organizations in the next five years.


The new program by Google, which is known as Grow With Google, will have an online destination through which the job seekers can get professionals certificates and training. The businesses will be able to enhance the web services through this online program. The company aims to teach anyone having an internet connection to gain skills related to technology. This will help the individuals get promising jobs in IT field.

The Google has partnered with Goodwill, a nonprofit, through which 1.2 million people will be trained by Google employees in the next three years. The training will be associated with digital skills.

This is not the only way Google supports the education. Various tools of Google have already helped the students and teachers from various schools and universities.

As a part of K12 solutions, the Google offers Chromebooks, G-Suite, Google Classroom, and other digital tools. Did you know that South Carolina’s the Fairfield County School District has witnessed a double-digit increase in test scores due to Chromebooks? This solution has also enhanced student engagement. This is just one of the many stories on how these tools have helped the schools and students.

Google also offers G-Suite for higher education. It consists of productivity tools that enhance the interaction level between faculty and students using various devices. Apart from communicating through various channels, the faculty is able to create classes, provide feedback, and distribute assignments to the students.

If we specifically talk about resources for computer science students, Google offers various programs to encourage and support students. These programs include science fairs, opportunities for volunteering, and online resources to help students learn about coding. There are also some programs to prepare and train educators associated with computer sciences. You will find several featured stories that discuss how these resources and programs have supported numerous students.

It is expected that technology giants like Google will change the face of education across the world in upcoming years. This will also support the different industries by filling the gaps that are created due to lack of skilled workforce.

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