Java – Java bean – A programming platform

Java is a set of computer software and specifications which actually serve as the basis for developing application software and expand it in computing is not specific to any processor or operating system as java platforms are already integrated into most of the systems. On the other hand, Java Beans are classes that cover many objects into a single object i.e. the bean. The Name β€˜bean’ was given to create reusable software components of java. These are serializable, have a zero-argument constructor, and access to properties as well.


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Java Tip 140- Use an XSL Parameter Parser to Convert HTML Parameter Names to Java Beans

J2EE is a platform-independent, Java-centric environment for developing and deploying web-based enterprise applications. It is actually a set of components and each component are related to specific files i.e. Gif, Html files or server site utility classes. To function as Java bean class, an object class should follow certain conventions like, naming, construction, and behaviour which actually allow use, reuse, replace, and connect java beans to function.

However, if we want to automatically generate java beans from XML files in J2EE applications many problems come in the path of web application developer. Java statements actually extract parameter values from HTML, produce corresponding java beans as intermediate data storage. The transformation of files to java beans has various advantages:

  • A bean may receive events from other objects and can generate events.
  • These beans serve as a passage for the data flow from client to server or vice versa.
  • The properties, events, and methods of a bean can be exposed to another application.
  • The auxiliary software is also provided for the configuration of beans, and moreover, configuration settings can be used for persistent storage.

Role of Generators in Java:

In java, the generator is a function which returns the next value in a sequence of transformation. It actually generates the next value when needed, rather than returning the next item of a pre-generated collection. The various generators to ease the life of J2EE developer are java bean developer, parameter parser, and bean filler generator. These generators actually fill the gap between XSL files and java codes depending on the information provided.

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