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Top Universities in the World in 2018

 Some of the leading universities in the world in 2018 that you can refer while deciding to apply for a course are:

University of Oxford- It is one of the oldest universities in the world which was founded way back in 1096. It has 44 colleges and more than 100 libraries that makes it the largest library in the UK. The university, located in the United Kingdom has a total student strength of 22,000 among which 40% are international students from 140 different countries. It is ranked world number one for medical science and is among the top 10 ranking global universities for physical science, social science, arts and life sciences.

University of Cambridge– This University was founded in 1209 and has over 18,000 students from all corners of the world. Almost 4000 students are international who hails from 120 different countries. The campus is located in the Cambridge city. It is world number two in ranking 2018 and the major reason for this movement is the improvement in the research income and quality.

California Institute of Technology– This is a world-famous science and engineering education and research institution with six divisions in academics. The admission process is quite competitive and only a small number of students get admission. It has high-quality facilities and research process, both on the campus and globally. The campus is situated in Pasadena, California. Students from the leading universities in the world take professional assignment writing assistance from BookMyEssay. The qualified writers who are associated with it can handle any type of assignment and in any discipline.

Stanford University– This University is located in the Silicon Valley and was formed in 1885 to promote public welfare. The faculty and the students have improved the health of people around the world through the application of knowledge. It has 18 seven schools and 18 inter-disciplinary research institutes on the campus. It enrols students from all the 50 US States and over 90 countries. It is an athletic powerhouse with numerous student-athletes and 137 national championships.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology– This University is a co-educational private research university situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in the year 1861. It has 85 Nobel Laureates as its alumni. The science discoveries accredited to this university include the development of radar, quarks discovery, first penicillin and magnetic core memory invention. It has near about 1000 faculty members and more than 11,000 students, both graduates and undergraduates. The current areas of research are digital learning, Big Data, sustainable health and many more.

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