The Strategic Management Process expertly describes how doing strategic management appropriately.


Definitely, reading many articles on strategy implementation is better than not really expressive anything about it and just hopeful for the best. But from what we’ve practiced over the years, publicizing yourself with plan execution best practices isn’t the bottleneck in most organizations: it’s the implementation of the execution strategy. There are five stages of strategic management process which are:

Goal setting – Parents and Childs

Defines the Parent

Locate a long-term group-wide strategic goal. This is the one objective all members of the group should be able to replicate and chant at any time. The goal has to be expressively compelling, but not just a dream, it should be apparent what victory looks like.

Defines the Children

Now describe short-term objective that assists you to attain the long-term objective defined earlier. Imagine the essential ingredients to achieving the best objective. Normally, there are two to five child objectives that require being attained in order to have a shot at achieving the parent

Analysis – Internal and external

Observe any external or internal issues that can affect your goals and objectives

Internal Abilities and Resources

Stare at your group internal abilities and existing resources: think strengths and weaknesses. Think your company’s track record, the present state of internal operations and team presentations to guess the feasibility of your objective. Decide how likely is it your company will be able to achieve the goals you’ve set.

External Market

Now you’ve examined your company’s capabilities, it’s time to evaluate them to the competitions’: think weaknesses and threats. Collect market data that are relevant for each of your preferred goals. If you can make a possible viable advantage, go for it.

Strategy Formulation – Try and Impact


Determine how significant each of the child objectives is for attaining the parent goal. It’s probably you’ll get that the success of one or more definite child goal is more significant than others. Achieving these child goals will really create an impact and will get you a long way towards achieving your parent goal.

Identify each of the child objective essential effort, taking into story strengths and weaknesses and possible extra effort for to be attained capabilities or resources.


Doing business is difficult and impulsive, so it may occur your calendar says it’s the end of the month while your monthly to-do list inflexibly looks like it is only the 17th. Expecting to be able to put in all the necessary effort and get all pursued goals are unrealistic, in most cases.

The trick is to make the best out of a perpetually shorter than ideal months by applying structure.

Strategy execution – Goals and Tasks

  • Be apparent about everyone’s tasks and duties, and how they fit in with the overall goal
  • Safe the resources needed to execute tasks.

Remaining lively – Evaluation and Control

  • Establish your growth by measuring the real results versus the plan
  • If the plan is not moving toward its objective, take corrective actions

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