Intro to Marketing

Marketing is a process which includes all the activities of a product from its purchase to sale. Marketing is the doings of a business house which relate to the buying and selling of a product or service. Marketing is the foremost activity of business management. Business is mainly concerned with the production and sale of products so that business houses can satisfy the needs of the people and at the same time, can earn a reasonable profit. Marketing is a central activity which helps the business house in achieving their desired goals.


Marketing involves the following activities: –

  • Promotion of a product
  • Advertisements for product
  • Selling of a product
  • Delivering products to people.

Marketing can achieve its goals in the line of advertisement by slogan writing, packaging designs, media exposure of the products and celebrity endorsement etc. In short, marketing is everything which a company implements to gain customer and maintain a trustworthy bond with them.

How Four ‘P’s are Considered as Essential Elements of Marketing?

As marketing involves various activities, there are four essential elements of marketing which are recognized as ‘P’ group: –

  • Product – Product is the base of marketing. The product can be an item or service. Product refers to an item or service a business aims to sell.
  • Price – Price refers to the cost of a product. Marketing management plays a very significant role in price estimation.
  • Place – Place refers to a favorable place for the distribution of the product or service. Marketing place includes the vital consideration of sale strategy. It means to take a decision on the selling place of a product.
  • Promotion – It refers to the various kinds of activities which are engaged in making the product popular amongst people. Promotional activities include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship etc.

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