Who are the Managers and Leaders of an Organization?


Leaders and managers of an organization are the important pillars who are considered as the base of smooth running the business. A leader is one who affects the behaviour and works of other people towards the achievement of specified goals in a given situation. He/she doesn’t need any managerial position to act as a leader.

A manager of an organization is one who owes managerial degree to do a particular task of the organization. A manager can be true manager only if he/she has got the qualities of leader in him/her. These two are the great support of organization as they are fully aware of the organizational behaviour. For easy goal accomplishment, managers and leaders must be well aware of its organizational behaviour. To learn more about organizational behaviour, one should take Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help.

What is an Organization Behaviour?

An organization is a group of people who come close together to accomplish or achieve a goal. The goal of the organisation decides several factors which must be considered in a systematic and organised way so that it can be achieved easily and comfortably. One of the most crucial factor among the various is organization behaviour. It is an academic branch which deals with the deep and profound study of human behaviour in the organization.

Organisational behaviour is the sum up of all activities which relate to systematic study of people at work. It helps the organization to know about the work performance of everyone within a group towards the achievement of goal. Its main aim is to examine that how an organization works or functions to accomplish its aim. If the organizational behaviour is positive than it’s going to achieve its goal within the targeted time and planned expenses.

Managers and leaders plays very important role in the assessment of organisational behaviour. These two are directly or indirectly linked with the working staff. They can help them in showing the right approach related to one’s working arena. They are always in constant touch with the workers and hence, understand the behaviour.

Information of organizational behaviour always helped the managers and leaders to better recognize their associated workers and channelize their skills and resources in a better way. The deep and profound study of organisational behaviour is beneficial to the organization as: –

Pro Active work performance

Through better understanding of organisational behaviour, manager and leaders are in the position to get all works done on pro-active basis. It helps them in assigning the work areas to workers according to their skill, interest and preference.

Effective Management of Human Resources

As organizational behaviour is the study of individual’s behaviour who are working for the organization, it helps in managing the human resources effectively and efficiently. It helps in creating a motivational working atmosphere in an organisation. It helps in understanding the problems and difficulties of the employees and tries to solve all these issues for the better and increased productivity of the employees.

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