What is Organizational Behavior?


Organizational behavior is a discipline studied in all major business management courses. It refers to the study of the way people interact with each other in an organization. This study tries to improve the working environment in which the employees have a positive behavior towards each other so that the organization will grow and develop in the sense to achieve profits. This study involves a scientific approach which can be applied directly to the management of the workforce.

The course of organizational behavior includes various assignments involving multiple choice questions and answers. These provide you with an in-depth understanding of organizational behavior. Many students of streams like BBA, B. Com, MBA, M. Com, MCA etc. can take advantage from these MCQs for a good performance in various tests like aptitude tests, skill tests, entrance tests etc. Here is a list of MCQs for your help:

Q1. Organization structure primarily refers to:

  1. How activities are coordinated & controlled             b) How resources are allocated
  2. c) The location of departments and office space d) The policy statements developed by the firm

Q2. Strategic planning as a broad concept consists of:

  1. Corporate strategy and business strategy            b) Strategy formulation and strategy implementation
  2. c) Inputs and outputs d) Environmental analysis and internal analysis

Q3. A major problem with a task force type of management is:

  1. a) There is no logical basis for task force information b) Its status is too inflexible
  2. c) Accountability d) Lack of Planning

Q4. Communication begins with:

  1. a) Encoding b) Idea origination
  2. c) Channel selection d) Decoding

Q5. Policies are sometimes defined as a(n):

  1. a) Shortcut for thinking b) Action Plan
  2. c) Substitute for strategy d) Substitute for management authority

Q6. A study of the culture and practices in different societies is called:

  1. a) Personality b) Anthropology
  2. c) Perception d) Attitudes

Q7.                               is known as “father of scientific management”.

  1. a) Fredrick W. Taylor b) Henry Fayol
  2. c) Robert Owen d) None

Q8.                               embodies a team concept, is based on the principle of mutual contribution by employer and employees:

  1. a) Autocratic Model b) Custodial Model
  2. c) Supportive Model d) Collegial Model

Q9. Edward Tolman is related to:

  1. a) Behavioristic Framework b) Cognitive approach
  2. c) Social Cognitive framework d) None

Q10. The field of organizational behaviour is primarily concerned with:

  1. a) The behavior of individuals and groups b) How resources are effectively managed
  2. c) Control processes and interactions d) Both b and c.

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