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  • Descriptive Statistics: This is the main branch of statistics which is mainly used to describe the population. This helps to calculate the population mainly. This is a way to define the calculated data in the meaningful and presentable way. In this form, we define the data in various forms like chart, graphs, and tables.
  • Inferential statistics: It is also a type of statistics which is mainly focus on drawing the population data on the basis of analysis and calculation and various observations. Here we define the comparison and test result of data.


  • Descriptive statistics is mainly used to describe the population by using the graphs and chart etc.
  • Inferential statistics define the data result by colorful drawing.
  • Descriptive statistics a diagrammatical way to show the final result.
  • Inferential statistics is a way to define the result in the form of probability.
  • Descriptive statistics defines the data by explaining all the modules, you can say that in a lengthy way.
  • Inferential statistics mainly define the result a final part of the research.

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