It is one of the oldest parts of the engineering that delivers the numerous opportunities to the candidates. Nowadays every candidate wants to do the perfect and suitable program so that they can easily get the best work environment. Civil engineering is very much interesting and innovative program for the students because at the end of the day you can see the results of your work, whether it is completed project of the bridge, a project of a high-rise building, a project of subway station etc. It mainly deals with the built environment and built environment encompasses much of what defines modern civilization.


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Following are The Topics We are Defining for the Students of Civil Engineering for Their Seminars and Projects:

  • Detailed information about advanced Construction Material
  • Define the Ocean as the main source of Non- conventional energy
  • Uses of high-performance concrete.
  • Various methods of safety in Nuclear power plants
  • Benefits of ready-mix concrete plants
  • Detailed information about the seismic behavior of Isolated Bridges
  • Different uses of Discrete Fibre in Road Construction
  • Various kinds of smart material
  • Different constructional safety programs
  • Different kinds of advancement in Concrete Technology
  • Various design based on Earthquake Resistant Design of structures
  • Different Ductile designs
  • Various micro seismicity
  • Various earthquakes effects on water reservoirs and dams
  • Different types of Earthquake design codes
  • Different earthquake simulation analysis and their benefits
  • Information related to hot burning issues
  • Different Seism scope and accelerographs
  • Various kinds of runway resurfacing
  • Various kinds of solid waste management process
  • Explain the detailed information about advance technology in Surveying
  • Different stages of development of remote monitoring system
  • Various kinds of Improvement of bearing capacity of sandy soil by grouting
  • Different Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analysis
  • Detailed information about Collapse of world trade centre
  • Complete and detailed information related to Skyscrapers
  • Benefits of Glass fibre reinforced concrete
  • Advantages of Zero energy buildings
  • Information and benefits of Passive solar energy building
  • Positive points about Green building
  • Advantage of uses of wood and steel in concrete
  • Advantages of improvement of glass fibre reinforced concrete
  • Complete information about cellular lightweight concrete
  • Advantages of Computer Application in civil engineering
  • Various kinds of rehabilitation techniques and their uses.
  • Various methods of bridge bearing and stability

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