The department of Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering are showing their tremendous progress in every arena of life. Its educational demand is increasing day by day. Hence to meet the requirements of Civil Architectural engineers and Civil environmental engineers, there are several institutes which offer their degree courses for the same.  Here is the detailed information about each course: –


Civil Architectural Engineering Program

The aim behind the commencement of this program is provide society with quality architectural engineer. Here, students develop the methodological and communicational proficiencies, get full awareness about their profession and top of all, learn a lot about work ethics for better progress and success. This educational program prepares the students with adequate GPA so that they can easily get admission for further enhancement.  The students who successfully get admission in this program are efficient following arenas.

Educational Objective of Architectural Engineering Program

  • Technical Arena – The students are highly technically expert after the completion of this program as they are assigned with technical responsibility by their supervisor during their course time. Hence, they become expert in this arena with great experience.
  • Inter-disciplinary perception – This course program is perfect for the students of engineering disciple as brings inter-disciplinary perception among them for problem solving and also develop a sense of importance of teamwork and leadership qualities.
  • To contribute great to society – The graduates of this program can actively contribute great to society by efficiently and effectively working for the company’s goals andby mentoring new engineering graduates.

Hence, this program is best for science disciple students as its scope of progress are very bright and positive.

Civil Environmental Engineering Program

The reason behind the commencement of this program of Bachelor of Science is to provide unique and operative abilities to students so that they can become productive civil engineers and can contribute great for the welfare of the society. It also empowers students to improve quality of life, protection and advancement of the community.

Educational Objective of Civil Environmental Engineering Program: –

  • To make students gainfully employed as Civil Environmental Engineers with high remuneration package so that they will demonstrate the ability of their gained skill and talent in the main areas of civil environmental engineering.
  • The second objective of this program is to make students capable of demonstrating expertise and to function effectively on inter-disciplinary and multi- disciplinary teams.
  • Here the students get best and effective skill and knowledge so that they can adapt themselves according the changing machineries, technologies, measures and concepts and can work further for more enhancement and improvement.
  • Empower graduates of this program with high level of thinking and approach so that they can contribute effectively for the betterment and progress of the society.

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