What are Company Law Case Studies?


Company Law is an area or discipline of study in which the Law students deal with the legal activities required in running a business activity. In company law, the most preferred areas of legal activities are the business laws, environmental laws, and intellectual property laws. The Company Law Case Studies, when allotted to students mostly consist of legal areas like sales, transactions, contracts, mortgages, bankruptcies, and commercials etc. The case studies mainly contain the issues related to the business in particular legal situations. To execute such assignments and company law case study help can be found at BookMyEssay.

Areas Covered in Company Law Case Study Assignments:

  • Sale Laws: These laws govern the leasing of goods and the transactions for sale. There is a sale agreement between the two parties involved in the sale of goods. Most of the disputes occur due to the non-following of the terms and conditions of the sale agreements.
  • Banking Laws: The banking laws are applicable to the financial institutions known as banks. There are various types of banks like public sector banks or private sector banks. These banks are controlled by a federal authority which governs the rules and regulations applicable to both the types of banks. These banking laws are applicable both at state and national level. These laws govern the deposits, interest rates etc.
  • Mortgage Laws: Mortgage is the procedure of pledging a property against loans taken from financial institutions or banks. The properties are taken as a security for the loan amount.
  • Bankruptcy Laws: These laws are applicable to those cases in which the companies became bankrupt. These try to reduce or eliminate dischargeable debts. These laws can also provide time for the repayment of these kinds of debts.
  • Contract Laws: A contract is a legal agreement which is documented between two persons. It contains certain terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties. There are legal proceedings followed in the case of breach of the contract.
  • Consumer Credit Laws: Credit cards are instruments used by the customers mostly for cashless buying. There are certain laws applicable to the credit card companies through which they can solve the issues between them and the credit card owners.

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Case studies of Company Law are very valuable and of considerable significance for Company Law students. They are exposed to the real-life cases containing legal issues and procedures followed in the businesses. The case studies are quite helpful in the future jobs which the Company Law students will undertake after their courses. Most of the case studies revolve around sales laws, company credit laws, banking laws, mortgages etc. BookMyEssay give the students through Company law case study assignments, an overview of all the Company Laws in very simple ways.