What is Project Management?

Project Management is a teamwork demanding team members of different talents and skills. The team should be working in a coordinated manner from start to finish. Project management is very essential for the successful completion of the project. There are certain very essential points which open up the importance of Project Management.

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What are the Ten Reasons that Project Management Matters?

  • Defining a plan and organizing the chaos: Whenever a project starts, it may incur chaotic situations. The primary function of project management is thus controlling these chaotic problems.
  • Establishing the plan and the relative schedule: A strong and dedicated schedule should be implemented to execute the project plan. Without it, the project may be delayed and becomes costly.
  • Enforcing and encouraging the teamwork: Planning and management can turn out effective with collaboration. Collaboration can be achieved with an effective teamwork.
  • Maximizing resources: Resources can be maximized by using them effectively and efficiently. These may be human or material.
  • Managing integration: Projects cannot be handled alone. They have to be integrated with the business processes and the business systems. For example, a sales system cannot be build without integrating sales processes and sales organization. It can be brought by project management homework and assignment help only.
  • Controlling cost: The biggest concern about any project is overrunning cost. By using right project management strategies we can control the risk of over budgeting.
  • Managing changes: Change is the constant factor in any project. The environment keeps on changing as the project progresses. These may be beneficial as well as harmful. Project management helps in converting unfavorable changes to favorable ones.
  • Managing quality: Project managers identify, manage and control the quality of your project.
  • Retaining and using knowledge: A successful project has a story to tell with quite a handful of knowledge. This can be used in future.
  • Learning from failure: Not all projects reach success. When they fail, there is very much to learn. Project Management can identify the causes of failure and try not to repeat in future.