What is Coursework?

Students pursuing A-level and GCSE subjects are assessed in parts. They are given coursework to assess their research and analyzing ability in addition to exams. The marks that students receive in the coursework are added to his/her overall grade. Therefore, it becomes really important for students to focus on coursework and make it as best as it can be. Some time students also coursework writing services from external sources.


When it comes to writing the coursework, then many students prefer this as it is a chance to showcase their academic abilities apart from exams that are taken in a high-pressure environment in the exam room. This is ideal for those students who are unable to perform their best in exams.

The coursework basically is the form of an extended essay or project. The objectives of the coursework change from one subject to another, but its emphasis remains primarily on the student performing independent research on the topic of their choice. Therefore, the coursework becomes a kind of sort investigation. It helps students to learn the skill of exploring, analyzing, and investigating different topics. Students can work on coursework at home itself.

Here is the Example How a Coursework Varies From One Subject to Another:

  • English – The coursework of English is primarily an extended essay and have a student of freedom here to choose the title of their choice. Students are given a choice of texts or themes to explore, and they are given the opportunity to choose a format, which could be like the comparison between a set text and another one.
  • Geography –  The coursework focuses on the collecting, reporting and interpreting the data designed for answering some specific questions. Students can investigate the use of a shopping center in a particular area or study the soil erosion taking place on a particular beach.
  • Sciences – The science subject coursework takes the form of scientific experiments or project that students conduct and report themselves.

So, this is all about the coursework. Now, when it comes to writing an excellent piece a strong creative writing skill is required. To draft one without any error, proper planning is required. The tips of writing a good coursework are as follows

  • Chose the topic carefully and the one you have command on
  • Make a roadmap how you will execute on the topic and how long it will take
  • Start collection data and doing research on the topic.
  • Plan the structure
  • Start writing by taking the help of data collected

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