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What is Bioinformatics?

The Bioinformatics is a wide field and it ranges from high-volume reductionist science to evolutionary, systems biology and comparative. The second one particularly attempts to find out how human bodies work.

Human Hunger for Bioscience Data

This is the long desire of humans to know how our bodies work. In the mid-17th century, The appearance of experiments brought a philosophical approach, which later called as reductionism. It focuses on the component parts of the human bodies like organs, bones, muscles and its like.

Analogies were developed between the most complex artifacts of human ingenuity and the human body: timepiece, mechanical toys machines and the emergence of the Industrial Revolution –factories, mills,  and the assembly lines.

We can understand how our  biology works by examining what our human body is made form the same way we are able to understand how a watch work by examining the various components of a watch

In many terms, reductionism has been wonderfully successful some of the examples of its success are the DNA double helix, the central dogma of molecular biology, the genetic code and many more.

It is expected that by the mid-20th century, a more-integrative biology, which is based on models of information storage and flow will be within reach.

Bioinformatics and Its Implementation

Bioinformatics has helped humanity in many ways. The information has helped humanity, not only in understanding the cause of deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. but also have helped in finding the treatment of these diseases. Its range is wide from health care to space science.

The use of Bioinformatics is in industries and corporate as well. The law sector also uses bioinformatics information to crack many cases. The forensic experts also use this platform in their day to day activities.

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