The word company means a business which is an arranged or organized series of operations. In business, people don’t require any law for any transaction or to connect people with their business. For any services, they require some contracts or legal documentary for the same.


Company laws play a vital role in a company. Company law is ensuring that people are getting advantage from business or contract are given to them are performing. There should not be any fault in contracts; to maintain responsibility and clearness; company laws are required which provide a summary in which company can easily do their business in a managed way. Get an expert professional who is providing high-quality writing help for company law assignment. It helps students in the growth of his business.

What is Company

A Company is an object that has different authorized rules. It follows the companies’ act that came in 1956.

Features of Company:

If a company is established, they have so many thoughts to develop it. There is some feature which defined a company which is:

  • Everlasting continuation: When a company is established and it starts functioning their objects or products. When all these things completed done and some of the members leave the company, in that case, company will still exist. SO that company is not limited to those members only. The individuality of company remains same as long as it provides business. It goes to the everlasting continuation.
  • Ability to sue and be sued: Every company has their own legal identity; it has all authorities to sue the violators and has all the authorized ability to be sued for civil harm.
  • Restrictive accountability: If you are running a business there is possibility of risk also there sometimes it cause to profit or sometime it cause to losses. Economic accountability should be bound to some extent.

What is Private and Public Company?

  • Private Company: A private company is a company where the one where the shareholders of the company are not from the general public. They may be the partners of a company of directors.
  • Public Company: A public company is the company where the shareholders of the company are from general public and company will divide their share into parts and distribute it to the public to grow their business.

This is the intro of the company which includes features and types of company. It’s not so easy for students to write a company law in the best way. Hire an expert on company law assignment help.

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How to write Company law Assignment:

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  • The company law requires explained content.
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