To become a certified project management professional you can work on the given tips. And, while studying leave the stress of assignment BookMyEssay. The firm offers finest project management assignment help to students worldwide.

Step 1: To become a certified project management professional you need to take the PMP certification examination. It has certain requirements like

  • You should have four year Bachelor’s degree subject.
  • You should have project management experience of 4500 hours, which is equivalent to nearly 3 years.
  • You should have taken up a 35-hour project management training.
  • If you are not a four year Bachelor’s degree holder, then you can fulfill the requirement with your high school diploma. In this situation, you must have the project management experience of 7500 hrs. Nevertheless, you are still required to take project management training of 35-hour.

2 Step: Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned above, the next step is to become the member of PMI. For this fill in the form and take up the examination.


For becoming a project management professional, it is not compulsory to become a PMI member, but the membership gives you some advantages in terms of exam fees. Additionally, you also get access to download a soft copy of ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge’. This is the book on which the which the whole exam is based on.

The aforementioned process is online. Once you will fill the form, and fulfill the eligibility requirement, within a week’s time you will receive an eligibility. While if you look for project management assignment writing help, then get in touch with BookMyEssay.

Step 3 : Pay the fees. For members the fee is $405 and for non-members the fee is $555.

After paying the fee, applicants are selected for audit randomly. There is a predefined number present for the same. If you are selected for the audit, you will have to submit hard copies of all required credentials. The audit process takes up to 6 weeks.

If you do not have to go through the audit, you receive an email “Authorization to Test” within 3-5 business days.

Step 4: After receiving the letter, go to the website of Thomson Prometric and check exam Seat Availability the nearest center and the test date in your region.

Step 5 : After finding the available examination dates, it is the time to decide to either you want to study independently with an of studying for 2-3 months  or want to attend a PMP Boot Camp Class (PMPBCC).

  • The difference between professional and independent study is a simple time to the value equation.

The class price ranges on average of $1700 to $4200. It depends on the provider vs. $200-300 for independent study guides and sample exams.

2-3 months is the average time of study for independent and 3-5 days when enrolled in a class. While studying, do not worry about project management assignment help, for this BookMyEssay is there.

Step 6: Once the class date/study period is scheduled, go to the website of Thomson Prometric and schedule to sit for the exam directly after study period or class.

Step 7:Examinations take place twice a day on all working days.