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Have a look at the 4 Successful Data Science Case Study

  • First Case study on Fast Food Chain: This is one of the successful case studies of the data science. Here we are writing about the food chain which is very popular in the America. All over America, there are more then 50 restaurants run by this chain. All these restaurant work on the same software which is known as Smoke Stake. This comp0letely reads the data from the POS system and deliver the appropriate result to the users. This software appropriately works and delivers the complete result according to the user’s expectations like surveys, inventory records, promotions, loyalty programs etc to expand the business. This is one of the best-case studies which define the each and every part of the successful story of this food chain in appropriate format.
  • Second Case study on Transport for London: This is another successful case study which is based on the organization that mainly maintain the transport of the London. They mainly maintain the proper Schedule of the entire transportation system of the London like Train, Bus, taxis etc. they manage the entire task very perfectly so that not body gets the any kind of disturbance in this work. To complete the case study, you can easily get the data from the record of the various ticket counts according to the requirements. These records will give you the appropriate idea about the transaction which you want to complete the case study.
  • Third Case study on NCR: This is one of the perfect management team which deliver the appropriate result in term of maintaining the record on the transactions generated by the ATM. This completely work on the automated system which works according to the requirements. They always manage the entire information according to ten transactions. You can easily write the entire information on the basis of the transaction which can be processed by the ATM in a single day.
  • Fourth Case Study on Sap: This is one of the best service providers mainly deliver the services to the national teams. This is long term service provider to the German Football team that mainly maintain the proper format to handle the backup functions. This mainly work in the back end so that every work going in a flow without any problem.

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