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What is Database Schema?

This is basically the frame of any database that represents the whole database in a logical manner. Schema can be said as the framework of the database. It is the one that defines how the database has been organized and what is the relationship between related components present in it. It gives complete details of database with full description and explain each and every component associated with it in the form of picture. The database schema is prepared by the database designers in order to help the programmer to understand and perceive the database in the same way the designer have To use it.

The Database is Categorized in Three Types and They Are

Physical Database Schema -This is a schema related to the physical storage of database. This elaborate how the database should be stored in the exceeding auxiliary storage. This kind of storage include file, indices and so.

Logical Database Schema -This database type defines the logical constrain that is required to be applied on the database. This schema defines the integrity, view and table constrain.

View schema -This is schema defines the interaction of the end user with the database.

What Is Database Instance?

It is basically a state of an operational database information at any point of time. It could alter with time and it contains the database snap.

For database users it is important to understand the difference between data schema and data instance as these are very important as well as different things.

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Three Layers Of Schema Detail Explanation

In the first figure, multiple external schemas are present this is also called as sub-schemas. It matches up to completely diverse information. There is the logical schema an the abstract level. This schema describes all the attributes as well as the relationships among except the integrity constraints. The bottom level has the physical schema, which is defining the  entire description of the interior model.

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