The definition of management differs from one person to another. A layman unaware of any business ethics thinks management means a group of upper-class people sitting in an air condition room and planning the next strategy for the company. While others think that management is all about commanding employees working in the organization.


But in reality, management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, staffing and controlling. It is at of getting work done by others. Regardless of size or country, management is necessary to for all. Because of the sea of opportunities each year thousands of students are taking admission in management courses. These students need Management assignment help to get rid of no less than academic nightmare call homework and assignment writing. Students who have not written anything more than 500 words can face several difficulties while dealing with writing tasks. In some situation, even after spending sleepless nights students end up losing deserving marks.

Nature of Management

Management is a mix of both art and science while certain aspects make of management makes it art and others make it science. Due to this combination, every discipline of management is backed by science and art. Let’s discuss further to find out more about the nature of management.

Management as a Science

Management can be considered as a science because of it the systematic body of knowledge and universally accepted principles. All of the management principles were developed through scientific methods of observation and verification through several practical experiments. For instance, the law of gravity and scientifically proven and a universal principle which applies in countries despite the time. Similarly, management also contains some principle rules that can be applied universally.

Management as an Art

The art refers to the skill combined with the knowledge to get the desired results. In simple words, the art could be defined as personalized application based on the theoretical knowledge and principles to achieve the best result. Just like science, art has also some particular characteristics such as practical knowledge, personal skill, creativity and perfection and goal-orientation. Art is a skill and requires practical knowledge as only theoretical knowledge wouldn’t be enough to give the best result. Along with practical knowledge to approach the job and accomplish it in his own way. Management students might need management assignment writing help to understand the mentioned characteristics.

Management as both Art and Science

Management is both art and science. As you read the above points which indicate that management combines features of art and science. Management is considered a science due to its organized body of knowledge with certain universal principles. Management is considered as art because managing the business requires a particular set of skills a manager should possess. The sciences deal with the knowledge while art deals with the knowledge of application and skills. In order to be successful, a manager acquires both the knowledge and skills.