When it comes to choosing a development program most of the developers choose the java in a beat of their heart. What is the reason behind this? The Java is an open-source, object-oriented programming language created in 1995 by the programmer by James Gosling. The main objective behind creating java is to build a program write once and run all which means the program can run on any platform which has the Java virtual machine (JVM). In all these years the program went through several updates each version better than before. Due to the increasing popularity of the language each year more and more students are enrolling themselves in the Java learning program. During their course, they need to create and submit their first program on the Java. BookMyEssay provides java assignment help to students struggling to create their first program on the Java.


How to Write Your First Program on the Java

The Java is an ideal programming language for the beginners still students who are using the program for the first time need some guidance. Here is an attempt to put the students on the path to understand how to create a program on Java. For the start, you need to be running on the window as the program will effectively work on the windows only.

Once ready start with the program creation:

  • Step 1: Make a file: The first step of the program creation is to make a file. You can go to my document folder, right-click then, hover your cursor on the new and then, select the text document to create the file. You can rename it later.

  • Step 2: Start writing framework of your program: To create the framework of your program open up your new text document. Inside this type “Class My First Program {“ don’t forget to add the curl because it tells your computer what is the need of program is. After this press, the enter twice and then type}” which tells the computer is whatever makes this program has been entered. The above picture shows how your program should look alike at this stage.

Understand the Coding

Now at this point, you can generate the program the only problem here is it won’t do anything much. In case if you tried to run it the program will show the error message. You need to understand you are working on Java and just like any other programming language it has a particular way of organizing and running things which is known as syntax that need to be followed by each individual while writing the program on Java. What have you done until now is the basic framework of the program.

  • Step 3: Setup the main method: Continuing from the second step on the second line of the program press type the “public static void main(String[] args) {” then click enter twice and type “}”. You can take some reference from the above picture. The program doesn’t end here there are several more steps that need to be taken. BookMyEssay provides assignment paper writing help to students with their first program on Java.

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