Physics is derived from Latin word physics meaning natural thing. This branch of science is related to the fundamental constituents of the universe, and nature & characteristics of energy as well as matter and relationship between them. Physics are a wider scope. It deals with many things ranging from smallest particles of atoms to natural phenomenon such as lunar eclipse, Milky Way, etc.

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15 Branches of physics

Physics has many sub-branches and these are listed below with definition:

  1. Acoustics: This branch deals with the study of sound and its effects in several states of matter. You can find out how sound is created, spread, received and managed with the help of this branch of physics.
  2. Astrophysics: It is helpful for the study of astronomical objects of the universe such as planets, stars, and other celestial bodies.
  3. Atomic: This branch of physics is concerned with the composition, structure, properties, and behavior of the atom.
  4. Biophysics: It is related to the study of biological phenomena & issues, and the structure of molecules, using techniques and principles of physics.
  5. Chemical: It deals with the study of physical relations consisting of the major branch of science i.e. chemistry.
  6. Classical: It deals with the laws of motion and gravitation such as energy and matter. A theory that is null in modern physics comes under this category.
  7. Electromagnetism: It is helpful for the study of electromagnetic force such as electric fields, magnetic field, and etc.
  8. Geophysics: It is concerned with the study of the Earth such as its composition, physical process, structure, physical properties, and shape.
  9. Mechanics: The motion of material objects, causes, and effects such as the motion of physical objects, the behavior of tiniest particles like electrons, neutrons, and protons can be studied with this branch of physics. Applied, Celestial, Continuum, Dynamics, Kinematics, Kinetics, Statics, and Statistical are eight sub-branches of mechanics.
  • Modern: It deals with the theory of quantum mechanics and relativity such as Max Plank’s quantum theory and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  • Nuclear: It is concerned with the study of atomic nuclei’s behavior, properties, constituents, force, interactions, and structure. Nuclear physics is used in medicines, imaging, power generation, agricultural isotopes, and many more things.
  • Optics: It is related with the behavior, properties, and transmission of ultraviolet light, infrared light, and visible light.
  • Plasma: This branch deals with the study of production and properties of matter’s ionic state.
  • Relativity: It deals with the theory developed by Albert Einstein.
  • Thermodynamics: This branch of physics is concerned with the transmission of heat energy by various mediums, its effect, and study of physical qualities.

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