We all are aware of the fact that science doesn’t end with the high school, the concept in itself is so vast to cover during school let alone the high school. Students who hold some interest in the science move further and get admission in the science related programs. These students may need assignment writing help on science to complete their assignments but apart from that, the whole course is amazing and full of new adventures.


There is no doubt that once you start taking your learning to a new level things get really interesting. So, here we have prepared a list of the most amazing science facts no one has ever told you.

The Fireproof DNA

DNA is not a type of substance you can actually say is fireproof but recently, scientists have discovered that treating cotton fabric along with the DNA can make it fireproof. This is because of the properties of DNA itself. You may be not aware of the fact that DNA contains phosphate. When heated the phosphate replaces the water presented in the cotton with the acid called phosphoric which is more heat resistant. This shows there are few more hidden facts about DNA which we need to find out.

The Amount of Blood

In an average human being, there are around 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood”. Because of this amount, most of us can donate a little bit without harming ourselves. But the situation is not the same with the babies. You will be amazed to know that babies come into the world with only “.007 gallons of blood” in their bodies which is less than an ounce of blood. Medical students who buy assignment from BookMyEssay must be aware of this fact.

Hold Your Breath

Are you one of those people who wants to explore the underwater world but afraid as they think they would run out of oxygen down there, sound horrific, right? If yes then, good news for you. A team of scientists have discovered an oxygen nanoparticle that allows you to live more than 15 minutes without breathing. The nanoparticle will be mixed with the liquid but carry enough oxygen to keep your body running for the next 15 minutes. We know that it is not a permanent solution but 15 minutes is enough time to explore a small underwater area.

Clean with Radioactive Sunflowers

Who doesn’t like to explore a wide field full of beautiful yellow sunflowers? Their bright yellow flowers are not only famous for their colour and warm scent but also for tasty snacks made of sunflower seeds. Leaving colour and food behind, do you know they can be used to clean radiation? In the science, community sunflowers are known as hyperaccumulators. They can take a high amount of toxic materials and store them in the tissues. They can clean a radioactive field in less than 4 years which is no less than a miracle.

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