Overview: Law of return mainly works in the short period and also explains the complete behaviour of the production of the firm with one factor variable while other factors are kept remain same always. It also works in the long period as well as and helps to know about the production behaviour of the company with all variable factors to know the result. we also know the economics is not an easy for students and they need the best and reliable guidance to complete the work with perfection. We are also trying to provide the best solutions to students so that they complete the work with 100% quality through our economics assignment writing help.


One of the main factors is that there is no fixed factor of production in the long run because it varies on the timely basis. At that moment the law of returns gives the appropriate idea about the relationships between the variable’s inputs and outputs on the basis of the given input. Apart from that factors always increased in the same proportions always. This mainly describe the main scale of the output according to the input which we are giving. If we make the changes in the input then we will get the different output always that the main point which we need to observe while entering the input. Here we are writing the main three laws to scale like:

  • Increasing Returns to Scale: To increase the output of the organization then we have to increase the volume of the input. Because all the terms are completely depending to each and other and we have to maintain the appropriate balance between both of them so that we can easily collect the useful outcome.
  • Constant returns to Scale: Most of the time we never check the appropriate number according to the result. The main factor is that if we are increasing the input than we will get the increased output but if we never make the changes in the input than we never get the change in term of output. The main point is that we have to make the changes to get different result in future. We know that students need additional information about the topic. we are working as problem solver for them and deliver the best writing support through our assignment writing help on economics. This is one of the best ways to collect the massive information with 100% quality at their door step.
  • Diminishing Returns to Scale: This is the best way to show the entire result because here you can easily define the entire number with the help of three main lines. One line shows the input and output with the increased numbers. One of the impressive ways to show the entire result because when you will increase the number of input then you will also get the increased number in output always. This will also give the best remark from the readers also because you can easily define the entire concept with perfection and they can easily collect the entire points.

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