The languages differ from one country to another and the same goes with the education system. There are almost thousands of schools, colleges, and universities around the globe who offer degree courses for millions of students. Apart from the educational structure, essay writing styles are also different in each country. In Australia, final year students are expected to follow a structure which is similar to both British and American academic structure. Students who are not familiar with the style and often depends on the essay writing help for the academic assignments can read the below article to know how to approach essay writing in Australia.

Understand the Question

One of the most common mistakes students make while writing the Australian essay is not understanding the true meaning behind the proposed question. To avoid this, it is important to properly read the question and find out the keywords.

Basically, there are three types of keywords:

  • Content: – These are words that tell you what the topic is.
  • Task: – These are the words that will tell you how to answer the proposed question like contrast, analyse, explain, evaluate and define.
  • Limiting words: – These are works that suggest you narrow down your focus area.

Noting down the above-mentioned things will further help you to have a good understanding of the question.

Do the Research on the Topic

It is crucial to understand the academic dialogue that revolves around your essay topic. Do you have any idea what other writers in the field think about your subject? No, you are not supposed to write and repeat whatever they have said but you can at least mention their name as a reference to represent your own ideas. Do you agree with them or not? How did they dealt with the issues you are dealing with your essay now? This is why it is important to conduct the research on the topic before you settle down to write down anything.

You can do the research on the topic by:

  • Exploring the internet for reliable information on the subject or visit the college library to find the relating books and thesis.
  • You can also explore the suggested list of references to find out what you need to do next in your essay.
  • Make sure you know that what kind of referencing style you need to follow with the essay.

Stick to the Structure

Well, essay conventions vary from one subject to another but it is right to say that the basic structure of the essay is the same: the title, introduction, body, conclusion and references. Each of these has their own importance.

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