What is Law?


Law is an activity subjecting humans to follow the rule of government. The rule of Law requires that people should accept the rules and regulations and never infringes the law at any moment. Law is a body of rules which is formed by the government or controlling authority so that everyone lives in a peaceful environment. Law basically follows the constitution of a particular country. Students who are pursuing law mostly find difficulty in writing an assignment on the fundamental of law as they do not understand how to write an assignment on the law? In that case, you can hire BookMyEssay and get the best assistance of professionals and Ph.D. holders at pocket-friendly cost.

Everyone knows what “law” matters for a country. But have you ever wonders what is the main purpose of a law? Here are the most significant purposes of the law.

Establishing Standards

Every Country establishes standards for the people who are living in that country so that they are fully aware of the rules & regulations and never infringes the law. You can say that law is a guidepost for every individual of the world. For instance, Speed limits and traffic law existed in the country of USA so that the driver drives the vehicle in a safe manner. Similarly, Doctors should get licensed before treating people.

Resolve Dispute

It is obvious that society is comprised of persons with distinct values, needs, views and wants. Whatever the disputes occurred in a community due to race, colour, creed, religion is resolved with the help of law. So that, there will be the maintenance of peace. Law is necessary for resolving any kind of dispute occurred in society. If it is not so, then that place is not safe to live. You can hire pay for assignment if you want to get in-depth knowledge on the law.

Maintaining Order

It is an offshoot of standard Established law. In a civil society, some semblance should be necessary which is reflected in law. For instance, laws made on Wildlife protection. The law formed was West Virginia’s prohibition. It disallows the hunter to use ferrets at the time of hunting. This law was first passed during the 19th Century in order to save the wildlife. Such laws reflect that the value respects not only human beings but also care about the wildlife. If people living in a country is following rules and maintaining order, then it creates a perfect place to live.

Giving Rights and Protecting Liberties

The Constitution of the USA provides liberties and Rights. One of the major roles of law is to protect various liberties and right to raise voice against any discrimination or violations. For example in the First Amendment of the USA Constitution prohibit the government from making any law which is forbidding the freedom of speech. Someone who wants to give an opinion on any issue, he is free to express his thoughts. No one can stop him from the right of speech. If it happens, he can take the help from the law.

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