Marketing strategies are used to segregate its users from the large market, which also known as market segmentation. Hence, you can surely say that user segmentation leads to the market segmentation. But the most important question is what is the basis of user segmentation? What makes to divide into small sections. If you are the one, who is struggling with these tricky questions. Then no need to put extra pressure on your mind. This article will efficiently answer all your queries, just go through it. You can also hire Market Segmentation assignment from BookMyEssay to understand the whole concepts of marketing.


Marketing Segmentation refers to a marketing strategy which bifurcates the gamut market into small subunits which divides the users or consumer according to their taste, requirements, interests, needs, characteristics etc. However, it differs from person to person.

Market Segmentation Basis


Marketers divide the entire market into small part according to the gender. As they understand that preference of man and women are always varied, so their products. Thus they follow different marketing strategies to reach men and women. Segmentation based on gender is quite essential in many industries like jewellery, footwear, apparel, cosmetics etc. If you want more details, you can hire homework help online.

Age Group

Age Group is also considered one of the most effective ways for user segregation. As marketing strategies for adults definitely differ from the teenagers. For instance:

  • Age group consist of up to 10-year individual: When marketers have to target small kids, they offer Baby Food, Prams, Toys, Nappies.
  • Age group consist of 10-20 years: In that case, they offer apparels, school bags, shoes, toys, uniforms etc.
  • Age Group comprises 20 years or above: They focus on magazines, watches collection, apparels, anti-ageing products etc.

Thus you can see, with each passing year demands of individual changes. Similarly, marketing strategies also change for different age group people. Hire coursework help to know more about marketing strategies.


Marketing Segregation is also done according to the income of people. It basically divided into three categories:

  • Low Income Group
  • Mid-Income Group
  • High Income Group

Stores that are catering to higher income group follow different strategies as compared to the low and mid-income group people. For instance, products of apple company are affordable to only those who have high income whereas low and mid-income group can afford products from Big Bazaar, reliance retail etc. Hence, Income is also an important factor in doing user segregation. Get best academic writing guidance at affordable prices now.

Marital Status

This is also used as the basis of user segregation. As you can see travel agencies offer different holiday packages to newly married couple and bachelors. This factor also benefits them to acquire their users. If you want to get more detail on the topic, hire.

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