A report is a document that particularly contains information about the topic in an organized manner for a specific audience or purpose. On the other hand, the essay is defined as a general piece of writing which carries the personal point of view of the author to analyze and discuss the topic. No matter what academic field you have chosen for your studies, writing an essay and report is the general part of every curriculum. Students are assigned the task to prepare reports and essays on several topics. Both of the tasks are lengthy and time-consuming. BookMyEssay is the perfect solution if you are struggling to write an essay or a report. You can get both essay writing and report writing services from this website.


We would further elaborate on the difference between essay and report because students often get confused between these two forms of writing.

Major Difference Between Report and Essay


A report is a well-organized document that represents the information that you have gathered through research work on the topic for example; survey, case study, experiment etc. The reports are generally written on the basis of information and facts. Reports are formally structured. The report has different sections like points, heading, sub-headings etc. You can also add statistical data in the form of tables, charts, diagram to represent the data that you have collected through your research. Reports are not only used in the academic field but it is also used in the professional field. There are many forms of reports as well; the business report, lab report writing etc. The reports are written in a format so that the reader can get the required information quickly. The author of the report can also add recommendations and solutions for his readers.


The essay is the piece of writing which is used to describe, analyze and evaluate the topic. Some of the most popular forms of the essay are descriptive, critical, personal, expository, narrative, argumentative etc. There is no compulsion to write an essay in a proper format. It is written in a common format which includes the introduction, main body, and the conclusion. It is not written for a specific reader. If you are writing an essay then it is not necessary to include sub-headings, bullet points etc. Essays are an important part of the academic curriculum. The essay keeps the nature of the title throughout the writing. The ending of the essay is often done with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the central idea of the essay. The most important element of the essay is the reference list which is also known as a bibliography.

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