Technology is not the new thing but those who understand it and creates something useful like a website or mobile application are earning seven-figure income which is surely a new thing. In the past few years, online posting for software jobs across the globe has increased by 31% -nearly faster than any other job posting. This indicates only one thing “Clear and Loud” that companies are paying software developers more than ever and students who are pursuing the career in the web development are surely going to earn high. But choosing a web programming is that easy? The crowd of web programming languages can be overwhelming and students can feel stuck with their choices. The below article is written in the hope of providing students some pointers by comparing the most popular web programming languages across the globe.


The Introduction of the Programming Languages

Dynamic programming languages are highly suggested to the beginners as they are flexible and more fun to learn. Through dynamic programming, students can easily build up an app from the scratch with less coding and the best thing is there is no hard rule on how to write codes and you can make them work the way you want. As dynamic languages are the very high level of languages, students spend most of their time in learning major programming concepts. At the end of their semester, students need to submit technical assignments to show their knowledge about the subject for which they can acquire web programming assignment writing help from the experts.


Java and JavaScript are different programming languages but students often mistook them as the same language. JavaScript is a client-based scripting language that is used for the front end development. The compatibility of the JavaScript across the multiple browsers makes it an ideal language for creating interactive web applications.

However, JavaScript is also known for its complexities that make it difficult to learn. The language is untyped and hence, difficult to debug. The examples of strict versions of JavaScript are JSX and Microsoft’s TypeScript that react uses.  You can hire assignment paper help to know more about the JavaScript language.


It is a general-purpose language which you can use it on every platform. It is also considered as one of the easiest languages. You can easily find it on any platform like network servers, web applications, media tools, machine learning and so forth.

The big players of Python language are Google or NASA. They have widely used this programming language. The main reason for using this language is that it is a near, well-structured and easy to understand language. It can execute the complex program easily without any difficulties.


Ruby was developed with an objective to make web development, a fun and productive task for developers. It is one of the most loved programming languages across the globe. Ruby is a high-level programming language which allow developers to achieve the most with the few lines of readable and clean codes. Students do not have to stress over the coding part as the well-written codes in ruby looks like sentences written in English. It is a great choice for the beginners as they can pick it up fast and enjoy it. For more information about this programming language, you can hire a programming assignment from the most trusted website.