Last Year, Apple achieved a milestone when it was recognized as the first US company which worth of cost $1 trillion. Surprised? How they did that? Certainly, it is not just by selling their goods in one country by using single Language. In fact, they are generating from outside the USA from the year 2010 between 55% to 70%. Wanted to know how they achieved success in a short span of time? Then read this full article and know the success reason of Apple company. Moreover, you can also hire International Marketing assignment help.


Top 4 International Marketing Strategies of Apple to Create Brand Awareness

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Maintain consistency in Business: It doesn’t matter where you are located this time. Apple product is the same for every region. The advertisements, products and the website of this company always choose clean and simple designs all over the world. Moreover, the features of all Apple iPhones are the same. Visuals you will get from their website also remain unique, no matter which language you are selecting. That means, they maintain consistency for the crowd which is surely a plus point in their business as they are successful in creating credibility among the users.

Customers feel appreciated with the customized content: It has been observed that for several western companies, the Chinese market is hard not to crack but when it comes to Apple, this is not true. Furthermore, approximately one fifth is generated from the china country itself. It is because the apple is using the customized content to engage its customers. For instance, when they update some feature in the music creation software “GarageBand”, then they add traditional instruments too like the pipa and the erhu. With these special features, China people get impressed and they largely buy Apples’ product.

Successful Strategy in International Marketing- Transcreation: On the website of Apple, content is written in different languages which are professionally recreated with the help of local copywriters. It ensures that content is effective in other languages too other than the original language, English. They make time to time changes to engage their customers.

Apple plan ahead and make Transcreation process easier: According to the given statement of Chief Marketer, Apple’s advertisements are very easy to transcreate or translate, right from the very beginning. Adding to that, minimum texts and wider choices in products with exact content help to make better choices. You can get the best assignment to understand the functioning of marketing strategies.

These are some of the major strategies you can follow to bring business at the top. However, if you want to get more information on this topic, you can hire an academic guide.

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