A few decades ago, the idea of having super-fast cars, aeroplanes and space travel were just mere thoughts, dreams and ideas. But today, you are witnessing the advancement in technologies that are focused to make your lives more comfortable and simpler. Have you ever thought what made this possible? The reality is such technology advancement is possible only because of the mechanical engineers who bringing innovation in each and every aspect of our lives.


Mechanical Engineering is one such discipline of the engineering that has the capability of turning dreams into reality. As many people says, “Mechanical engineers are the real heroes of the engineering field”. Whether you are a student with creativity, innovation, or designing skills, mechanical engineering is the subject that allows you to design, construct, test and research on the multiple types of machinery. One major thing that makes mechanical engineering a significant discipline is almost every industry in the market relies upon it. This has automatically given the boost to the demand for mechanical engineering assignment help.

Although the job market is filled with hotlist jobs for mechanical engineers, it is always essential for students to ensure they are hireable and what is the better way to do so than choosing the best universities for mechanical engineering courses. Here is the list of –

Top Universities for Mechanical Engineering

When it comes to university hunting for the mechanical engineering course, University of Strathclyde beat all the competition and appear on the top of the list. The university itself takes pride in offering the courses and training that allow young engineers to handle real-world issues. Although the university has a long history of mechanical and aerospace engineering, it has just begun to gain popularity and higher reputation for modern teaching and learning methodologies.

Department of Mechanical Engineering – University of Bath

Known as one of the highly reputed universities in the UK the university offers both theoretical and practical experience to young aspirants. They believe that strong industrial skills and innovative skills can lead to securing high profile employment opportunities. Although students may need to hire mechanical engineering assignment writing help to complete the academic writing tasks, this university will work the best for them.

School of Mechanical Engineering – University of Leeds

The last but not the least university of the list is the University of Bath that is known for its industry-related courses. Those who are not sure in which course they should get enrolled in will find this university their desired destination as the management allow undergraduate course students to switch their subjects until their second year. Quite amazing, right? You can get enrolled, decide and switch if you want.

The university offers its students around six undergraduates and postgraduate courses that further allow students to learn through a wide mix of traditional lectures, laboratory classes, project work and seminars and plenty of other experiences. Plus, it’s been reported that around 90% of the university graduates have successfully reserved the high paying jobs.

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