The term “Graphics programming” refers to a programming approach that allows a computer system to represent spatial representation in more than two dimensions. In contrast to in-text programming which utilises the lines of code, graphics programming replaces the symbols and pictures with the physical things.


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How to Begin Learning Graphics Programming?

“How can I learn Graphics Programming?” is one of the most common question experts hear on day to day basis and since they are tired of answering the same question, again and again, they come up with the below article. Here are the tips to follow while learning the graphics programming from the very scratch.

First: Begin with the Raytracing and Rasterization

Over the past few years, new API:  like Direct3D, Vulkan, WebGL, etc. for coding against MCU have appeared. These new API’s can be quite challenging, to begin with, and not recommended to beginners at all. As these API require boilerplate codes figuring out how to draw a single triangle in these APIs is the massive task.

Instead of this, beginners must start with the raytracer and software rasterizer. A raytracer is a software program that creates 3D scenes by illuminating rays from every pixel on the screen. It allows programmers to find out the color of each pixel.

A software rasterizer renders 3D image for every triangle they draw. These help students to analyze and comprehend how colors intersect with each other.

Second: Learn the necessary Math

The very next step of learning graphics programming is to learn mathematics. The foremost reason behind this? A programmer uses various mathematical concepts and technique during programming. When you are a beginner in graphics the concept of mathematics called “Linear Algebra” will work as your main tool to beat the odds. The major concepts you will most likely to use are: –

  • Cross Product
  • Dot Product
  • Spherical Coordinates
  • Orthonormal Basis Matrix
  • Intersection calculations
  • Rotation Matrix, Scaling Matrix,

From the basic to the advanced level you are most likely to witness all of the above mathematic concepts. Meanwhile, you can also hire Graphics Programming Assignment Help to learn about these fundamental concepts.

Third: learn to Debug when Drawing your First triangle

After learning the raytracer or rasterizer, you will feel much more confident while drawing your first triangle. In case if you face any difficulties, then you can easily ask help from your instructors. Feel free to visit BookMyEssay to hire programming assignment writing help at an affordable price.