The differentiation is a method using which teacher plan instruction for meeting the children needs in an inclusive classroom, this is for everyone, including those are who are challenged to the children who are very talented. The differentiating instruction in addition to helping your students taking special education to give their full participate, it also  will improvise and enriches the general education students experience. Therefore, it makes a win-win situation for everyone. If you are learning this page for making assignment help on the same topic, then hope this will solve your purpose. Otherwise, you can contact BookMyEssay team to get the best assignment written on the topic. Talking about differentiated lessons, then.


A planned and well built differentiated lesson include following things

  • A strong visual component
  • Collaborative activities,
  • Peer coaching
  • A approach which is multi-sensory to present information and differentiated assessment on the basis of students’ strengths.

Let’s Know More About the Same

  • Strong Visual Component – Children that are special need to be taught in a special way. With the use of images they learn more. You can take the help of big and interesting pictures to teach children about different things like picture of their vacation to teach them about different things, picture of signals, etc.
  • Collaborative Activities – Children learn very fast in a group. This also boosts many other skills in children like soft skill, creativity, talking skill, etc. So, engage them more in group activities. It is better if you chose an activity for them that also teaches them some lesson on the conclusion. While selecting a group activity made sure that the activity requires equal participation of all students and every student get the opportunity to do the major chuck of the activity and share what they feel about an activity at the end.
  • Peer Coaching –Peer coaching involves participation of multiple partners for every child. This will help children to learn things that relate to our day to day activities. For e.g. engage four students to teach them about watch and time. Four or more students to teach them about road signal.

Teachers can spend more time and early time with students to engage them more in group activities. One activity that teachers can try is “trust walks” with partners. In this activity each child is asked to take turns and walk to their blindfolded partner in one direction given by teachers.

While engaging children any of the activity, it is important that you debrief students about what you are planning to do in the class. So that, it becomes clear to each one of them what they are going to do. Though, everyone has their own grasping power, but with these activities, they will gradually learn things.

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