Project Management is a discipline work on standard principles, technique and various stratagems to accomplish a project. It holds the planning, organizing and implementing of a project. Basically, Project Management offer makes the project work orderly. It covers all the approaches connected to the project from preliminary point to conclusion point. Project Management delivers a way to complete the knowledge, skill, tools, and methods to a huge range of actions in order to meet the requirements of a project. The basic requirement of the Project Management is to regulator and direct the project from start to end. Here we are writing the primarily 5 basis steps to control and direct the project in ours Project planning assignment help.

  • Initiation: In this first phase, all the information related to the introduction of the project is come under this phase. Here you need to describe the necessary information, data to the other team members those are associated with this project. Here you need to also defines the project implementation strategies to the team member and all the resources related to the project. So that they can easily get the detailed information about the project implementation as well as client demand. In this step, you also need to define the budget to complete the project as well.
  • Planning: This is one of the significant steps to start a project. In this stage, you need to define the detailed planning to implement the project. Here you also assign the duties and responsibilities to the employees. So that they can direct the other employees and complete the work according to the plan. This will also deliver the best result in term of competition the project. In this step you also define the alternate plan to the main team members of the team. So that they can get another way to complete the assigned work easily. To make it successfully you need to include a detailed breakdown and assignment of each task of your project from starting to ending.\
  • Assign the Resources: Here we are defining the complete information about the resources that we are going to use while doing the project planning. This is best way that helps to complete the work in perfect flow.
  • Define the Budget: This also helps to get the perfect result because we defined the entire cost in the simple way so that we collect the quality result. Here we can easily use the best method so that we get maximum benefits.
  • Execution: This step is little bit difficult than other steps because in this stage you will start working on your pre-defined plan. In this step, you need to certify that all project actions are properly implemented. Here you need to solve all the problem on priority basis that comes in the way of completion of the project. So that you will get the positive result. The main fact is that, you will get the numerous huddles while executing the project.
  • Control: In this phase you need to compare the project status with your planning. Here you can also change and edit the plan according the execution. All the stage is completely controlled by the other team members. You need to control and compare every segment result to actual result. In this way you can easily get the best result.

Closure: At the time when you reach on this final stage, being a project manager you need to ensure that the project is brought to its proper result. It is mainly highlighted by the written format as project