Nobody can build a business empire in a single day. There are many things that are required to make a successful and strong business. You have to evaluate every single strength and loophole of your business to create the most efficient strategies.


 This process is so complicated that almost all the universities of the world are offering Business management course. These courses include everything which is necessary for running a business. Strategic marketing is part of business management. The students who are learning this concept can take strategic marketing assignment writing help online from BookMyEssay. Moreover, this blog would help you understand every important thing that you should know about situation analysis.

The situation analysis is concerned with the analysis of the external and internal components of the business. When it comes to the development of marketing strategies the situation analysis plays a major role here. It determines the strength and weaknesses of the business.  In addition to this, it also provides the best opportunities for the business and alarms about the possible threats that can affect its health.

What are the Essential Factors of Situation Analysis?

When you are measuring the performance of your business through situation analysis then these are some factors that should be considered at the top priority:

  • The situation of the product: Start with the product analysis. You should evaluate whether the product and service that you are offering through your business are meeting the requirements of your customers.
  • Competitive situation: You should analyze the competitors in your business industry. Try to understand their competitive advantage and what strategies they are using for their business.
  • Distribution Situation: This includes analyzing the strategies that you are going to use to bring your product to the market. Whether you want distributors or any other kind of intermediaries, it completely depends on the requirements of the organization.
  • Opportunities and risk analysis: For this, you can conduct SWOT analysis in your organization. You can easily identify the strength, weakness, opportunities and the threats for the organization.

There are three methods that are typically used to complete the situation analysis process and they are mentioned below:

  • SWOT analysis: The SWOT is the business assessment process and these four alphabets denote: S for Strength, W for Weakness, O for Opportunities and T for Threats. The SWOT analysis is majorly used for two groups, internal and external. SWOT analysis is a long process. So if you need in-depth details about it then you can get assignment writing services in Brisbane.
  • 5C analysis: The 5C analysis is used for the quick examination of the business. This method is considered best to use when it comes to the marketplace and business industry. The 5C indicates the company, customers, competitor, collaborators, and climate.
  • Porter Analysis:  This analysis is applied in the organization to identify the threats in the working environment. You can also analyze the business profitability of your business.