Corporate finance is the major branch of the financial domain which is concerned with managing financial accounts of the business organization. In more concise words, it deals with structuring the capital, making the right investment decisions and all other financial aspects of the organization. The use of corporate financing also facilitates preventing the financial risks beforehand as it keeps the proficient knowledge of the company’s entire financial situation. It also manages the short term investment-related decisions that can affect the activities. The major aim of corporate finance is to increase and maximize the value of shareholder. It encompasses all the activities starting from the capital investment decisions to investment banking.

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Different Roles Played by Corporate Finance in the Business Organizations

  • Capital financing: Every business needs finance and corporate financing manage sources to bring capital. Most of the time, the companies borrow money from financial institutions or banks but companies can also utilize the money obtained from selling the stocks to the equity investors.
  • Investment of capital: corporate financing is used to make the right and profitable capital investment decisions. It is one of the primary tasks of corporate finance. This process is used by the business organizations to raise the capitals using various sources like shares, banks, debentures, interest, creditors, financial institutions, and so forth. It is no secret that capital investment is the delicate process for businesses where it is important to maintain its market value while managing short and long term goals. All the liquidity of financial decisions is managed by the finance corporate.
  • Monitoring the finance – This one of the challenging job of corporate finance. There are many tools available for this task that you can use to monitor the finance.  It is important to monitor the inflow and outflow of finance to protect it from the huge and unbearable risks. This monitoring also makes it easier to minimize the cost involved in business operations.

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