Performance management is an effective method used by the organization for its business growth. It employs a larger section of society. Various techniques are adopted to earn a profit. It is quite different from the traditional management system. Students who opted for performance management as one of the subjects in their academics often do find a problem understanding the basic details of the key terms. BookMYEssay assists needy students. If you are facing a problem in completing your designated work and require performance management assignment writing help. We have an expert team to assist you in getting good grades.


Performance Management has clear objectives in achieving organizational goals. It works on different parameters by reviewing market strategies and its competitors in the market. various departmental works concerns on organization objectives. Commitment is one of the major factors in this managerial work. Moreover, job satisfaction is a key concern to keep pace with the organization’s growth process.

Advantages of Performance Management

Interaction with employees: In traditional management managers often get busy in their daily schedule and avoid interaction with the staff. But in performance management, Managers must schedule meeting from time to time whether it is of weekly or monthly to coordinate employees to achieve organization objectives or improve the earlier method or adapt new for better performance of employees by avoiding the monotonous task.

  • Maintaining Employee Growth with The Organization:  A positive experience of the employee can help them to work enthusiastically. Their personal goals and organizational goal both can be considered to maintain the pace with success of organization. The manager must concern about employee growth as well as organization. They must be encouraged from time to time to collaborate with the organization to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Administrative Work: The important aspect of this performance management is that it concerns more on people’s work rather than paperwork. Some strategic methods are adopted to coordinate employees. It is a two -way communication process between employee and manager or director of the organization. The procedural work of this system is beneficial for both the organization and employees. The performance-based awards, promotions, and transfers are done suitably and decently.
  • Focus on Strength and weakness: In this managerial work, the employer is conscious about the strength and weaknesses of the organization as well as the employees. To understand the employee’s efficacy several training programs are conducted to enhance employees’ skills and to meet the organization objective the hunt for employees with a new set of skills is considered to do certain tasks. In this method, Employees’ work performance report is delivered to them confidentially by the company and the required changes are addressed within the team to keep transparency in the working environment.