The microeconomics is the branch of economics that studies how the how individuals and businesses make choices about the best use of limited resources. The application of microeconomics can easily be witnessed in our day to day life. The microeconomics and macroeconomics are the two major branches that compose the economics.


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If you are wondering how microeconomics affects our regular life then read further to find out. You know that we have limited resources for almost everything. Especially, if we talk about businesses and individuals the amount of time and money is also limited for them. This is why companies prefer using the microeconomics for evaluating everything. It enables them to use the limited resources efficiently so that maximum potential can be driven out of them. The business can make decisions which often results in the best outcomes. It becomes easier for them to maximize profit.

Principles of Microeconomics

  • There are certain principles of microeconomics that describe the way businesses, as well as individuals, make crucial decisions. One of the major advantages of using microeconomics is that it allows you to make the right decisions through which you can get maximum satisfaction. There is one specific term for this in microeconomics. It is called utility.
  • Another important principle of microeconomics is an opportunity cost. This principle is used by consumers in the decision-making process. Before making any decision the consumer often thinks about the entire cost for it.
  • The diminishing marginal utility is also an important economic output. It describes the general consumer experience. The more consumers would consume something the lower satisfaction would they get from it.
  • After this supply and demand are the two major principles of economics. Both demand and supply play an important role in determining the accurate prices of the products and services. The higher demand and limited supply mean higher prices and vice versa.

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