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Best Engineering blogs

  • Manufacturing Innovation Blog: Run by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, this blog focuses on topics such as sustainability, advanced manufacturing, finance, the workforce, and other subjects of interest to the engineering community. It provides great resources for keeping up on new industry standards and trends.
  • Engineering Ethics Blogs: This is an opinion-based blog managed by an engineering professor at Texas State University. It provides his views on subjects from disasters that involve technical matters, movies on engineering issues, and even philosophical and religious questions engineers encounter in their line of work.
  • Wit and Wisdom of an engineer: An ideal place, where you can stay up-to-date on current events and innovations. There are amply of posts with comprehensive info visuals, statistics, and attractive content. Buzzes, policy, AI and even sports are just of the few themes lately protected. You can collect the guidance from us through our do my assignment offer because we have world’s best team with us and all the writers are truly capable and provide the unique support to students.
  • Shop Floor: The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) updates this blog regularly with news on new industry regulations, advancements, and trends.
  • LinkedIn Engineering Blog: As the number one network for professionals of all walks of life, LinkedIn has some truly valuable resources for engineers. Their engineering blog has a lot of information on the technologies they use, and provides inspiration for people that are interested in potentially working for the company.
  • net: The self-described “leading source for manufacturing and product development news” is run by experts on a variety of aspects in the manufacturing industry and includes frequent updates.
  • Manufacturing Output: This is the ultimate place for people with a combined interest in economics and manufacturing. It publishes multiple authors, who provide economic outlooks from many different angles in the engineering sector.
  • Engineer chic: A slightly different blog than anything you’re used to seeing, which appeals strongly to the female workforce in the engineering field. Its tagline reads “Hard-hats, design and manicures,” and the engineering blog delivers just that. It is run by a female mechanical engineer, and features posts on everything from volunteering, education, to regular updates on industry-specific topics.