For running a successful business, it is vital to select the right approach of management on which the entire organizational system would work. The management structure provides a solid foundation for handling business operations. It offers rigid commands to ensure that all the business-related decisions are being implemented properly.


Generally, there are three levels of management that can be found in every organization. These levels are low-level management, middle-level management, and top-level management. If you want to acquire in-depth details about these levels then you can ask for management assignment help from the expert writers of BookMyEssay. However, below you will find brief information about the different levels of management structure.

Different Levels of Management

  • Top-level Management: Depending upon the size of the business, every organization has top-level managers which include board of directors, CEO, president, etc. These managers are responsible for making the vision for the efficient management of the business. They also develop important strategies related to marketing, sales, employee’s standards, and company policy, etc. We can say that top-level managers play a significant role as they are responsible for managing and controlling the entire organization.
  • Middle-level Management: This is the level managed by the general managers, department managers, and branch managers. They work as a mediator between top-level management and the entire staff of the organization. This management team devotes its time for organizational and directional functions. Below-mentioned are some of the responsibilities of the middle level of managers:
  1. Execution of organizational plans according to company’s policy
  2. Defining and structuring information from top-level management to lower management.
  3. Providing guidance and instructions to the staff of the organization
  4. Developing and implementing a work strategy to achieve organizational goals
  5. Monitoring staff performance
  6. Diagnosing and resolving the problems occurring in the organization
  7. Managing the reward system and supporting the cooperative behavior
  • Low-level Management: The management at this level is handled by supervisors, team leaders, section leads, etc. The responsibility of this level manager is to control and direct the entire work system. Here are some of the duties performed by the low-level management:
  1. Assigning the daily task to the employees
  2. Providing instructions to the employees about day-to-day activities
  3. Check and ensure the production department
  4. Giving suggestions and recommendations for improving business operations
  5. Enhancing employee’s performance

These managers provide basic supervision to the employees so that they can achieve their organizational and personal goals on time. They provide motivation and performance feedback to them.

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