Global Marketing is considered to adopt promotional techniques exercised by the giant companies for improving their brand awareness. It also considers the distribution channels where engagement with the customers can be increased, whereas, the international marketing is utilised by the company for opening a subsidiary by a parent company to meet the demands of the local market. Students who has taken business, as their academic subjects and want international marketing assignment help can contact BookMyEssay for achieving the good grades in the assignments.


Here, you will learn about the difference between the global and international market

Things associated with both Global and International Market:

  1. Marketing Staff: Global marketing is mainly considered by the headquarters of the company and the work is divided among the diverse group. Multiple skills are exercised to make connection with the global world. On the other hand, the international marketing deals with the team member of the same country and the people who possess good language skills and well aware about the cultural affinity can lead to proper functioning of the business.
  2. Product or Service Offering: In global marketing, the company provides the same product and services all across the world. And make a large chain with the associated partners in different countries. Whereas, in the international marketing, implement specific techniques to build the large network and entice the clients to make deal with them. Understanding the pros and cons of the marketing project will allow one to lead the business.
  3. Promotional Tactics: Global Marketing concerns on the promotional tactic to improve the brand image and establish communication with the global online as well as offline community.

In the international marketing, commercial   and other promotional activities are considered for the swift growth in the local market.

  1. Social Media: Global marketing has good hold over the international marketing on the social media. And the tactics exercised by both the market. The brand name varies as for the McDonalds’ (Polska, Italia, Brazil and many other names) where the brand like Nike and Levis runs the single page for the brand awareness.
  2. Operational Autonomy: Both the market specifically concerns on the 4Ps. It comprises price, place, product and promotion of the company manufactured product. But the key difference between them is that the global marketing collaborates with all the functional activities and the international marketing focus on holding the domestic market.
  3. Customer Engagement: Opening multiple communication channels, and building interaction with the local buyers is the main concern of the international marketing. For this, an active page contributes its role in building a large customer base. Whereas, the global marketing restricted to certain boundation proposed by company law.
  4. Research and Development Tactics: by concerning the local market, the giant company must be aware of the local and cultural demands of the nation. The name of the product and the quality must not offend the beliefs of the people.
  5. Promotional Activity: As we have discussed above, the international market targets the local demographics to run the business and the global markets works on different strategy by means of songs, movies and other form of advertising tactics.

The global marketing and international marketing both may sounds similar but have different meaning, according to their terminology,  that can be beneficial, if you do require marketing assignment help.