While writing any piece, be it an essay, thesis, an article or a blog, everyone should follow certain guidelines or rules of writing that differentiates each one from the other. Every form of writing follows certain rules or guidelines which is mandatory to follow for a good writing. There are some specific rules of grammar, punctuations, etc. that forms to be the basic rule of writing. The writers always follow all the necessary guidelines while delivering any assignment writing help. BookMyEssay specializes in providing quality academic content to the students.

Basic Writing Rules

There are certain basic writing rules which is must be followed by every individual while writing any kind of piece. Such rules are as discussed below:

Using Active Voice

While writing anything, it is always advised to use active voice instead of passive voice. One can treat it as a guideline for improving the quality of writing. It is because the active voice is more direct and concise. It forms to be the best choice for most of the sentences. But there are also some places, where passive voice can do much better.

Avoiding Adverbs in Sentences   

Using adverbs in the sentences, puts bad effect on the sentence, because it is very easy for the writers to rely on this parts of speech to pad out a sentence which is full of bland verbs. But for some of the cases, while writing sentences, a well-chosen adverb forms to be the clearest and most concise way of adding detail and dimension to a description. The writers of BookMyEssay provide the best assignment writing help to the University students.

Avoiding Exclamation Points

According to a famous personality, the using of an exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke. But in some situations, when the writers need to make an important point in an essay or a novel, then it is necessary to add excitement to the novel. So in that case one cannot rely on the punctuation marks. But currently, most of our remote communication takes place through the form of emails, texts, exclamation points, and instant messages that have emerged as an important tool for conveying the tone.

Avoiding Writing in Sentence Fragment

Though sentence fragment can be considered to be a grammatical error yet it is an important technique for creating voice and tone in the writing. Too many fragments in a sentence make the writing choppy as well as confusing. Sentence fragments in a term paper or a formal business document forms to be extremely informal.

Requirement of Minimum Three Sentences in a Paragraph 

While learning the basic style of writing in school, we all have learnt that a paragraph requires a topic sentence, a concluding sentence, and several supporting sentences in between. When one first learns to organize its thought on paper, then this basic formal structure of writing gives a tried-and-true template to follow. But when the writing skills grow gradually, then sticking to this rule will definitely limit the ability to write effectively. Perhaps, when writing online pieces, the short paragraphs with just one or two sentences are the best way to increase the readability of the user.

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